Churches United for the Homeless was incorporated by local churches who saw an unmet need in our community in the fall of 1987. The facilities available at that time for overnight shelter were overflowing regularly, so a core group of churches of various denominations opened Churches United for the Homeless on October 15, 1987. That night, 18 people slept in the old Bethesda church building near downtown Moorhead, MN. In our 30 year history, we have grown to 59 member churches and continue to provide “shelter and support in a spiritual setting”. In 2004, due to safety concerns with the building, as well as space constraints, Churches United moved to its current location, 1901 1st Avenue North.

The mission of Churches United for the Homeless is to provide “shelter and support in a spiritual setting.” This mission emphasizes our three main tenets: (1) shelter- to furnish a temporary emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness  (2) support -to refer residents to appropriate services such as job service, social services, mental health services and other programs (3) spiritual -to offer spiritual ministry and emotional affirmation to people experiencing homelessness.