Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

The immediate needs of the community are on the rise. Churches United for the Homeless serves as shelter for over 700 homeless men, women and families annually. The goal of Churches United for the Homeless is to move residents of the shelter into permanent housing, easing the burden on police and emergency room services by paving the road to independence for those that need care, medical and mental health referrals, substance abuse treatment referrals in order to get individuals the case management services they need. Churches United for the Homeless is the only shelter in the Fargo-Moorhead area that focuses on keeping families intact by allowing men and boys. The team at Churches United for the Homeless partners with various agencies such as the Veterans Administration, HRA Clay County, New Life Center, Dorothy Day House, Gladys Ray Shelter, Stepping Stone, Sanford Health, The Village Institute and MSUM Counseling Services. We work together to accommodate and serve the homeless population in this region.

Case management is available for shelter residents through the Director of Supportive Services and a Shelter Faith Community Nurse (SFCN). The Shelter Faith Community Nurse, is in collaboration with Sanford Health. The SFCN meets with residents and empowers them to achieve optimal health and wellness. The nurse also promotes and enhances wellness in the lives of shelter residents and staff by addressing the needs of mind, body, and spirit in a holistic manner with a focus on appropriate usage of health care services, access to care, and advocacy.

Churches United Sheltering Statistics

2011 2012
Total number of individuals sheltered: 656 741 (13% increase in 2012)
children 20% 19%
female 37.7% 36%
male 62.3% 64%
Native American 21% 16%
Black 17% 17%
Report being victim of Domestic Abuse 14% 10%
Meet definition of chronically homeless 20% 26%
Report having disability of long duration 44% 28%
Average length of stay 34.03 days 29.99 days


2012 statistics graph
In April, the lowest month, Churches United averaged 64.5 per night.
In December, the highest month, it averaged 98 per night.