The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless organized the following letter of support and survey on behalf of Churches United's proposed permanent housing project. If you would like to add your support, please follow this link where you will be able to read their letter and include your name:


Shelter & Support in a Spiritual Setting

Churches United for the Homeless is the largest shelter in northwestern Minnesota and is the only shelter within 225 miles that is able to accommodate single men, single women, and both one and two parent families. We offer a safe haven to those most in need, a chance to reflect on the direction they wish for their lives, and the opportunity to utilize our community's many resources in achieving their goals.

Our Mission is to provide shelter and support in a spiritual setting.

We accomplish this goal by offering spiritual ministry and emotional affirmation to people who are homeless, furnishing a temporary shelter, and referring residents to appropriate services such as job service, social services, mental health services, and programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.


Donations Update

Starting October 1st, non-food donations will only be accepted on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4 pm.


In an effort to make our thrift store most beneficial for those in need and to be good stewards of our staff and volunteers’ time, we ask that donations are in good condition and will be useful to our residents and community members. We will need to decline donations that will otherwise clutter our limited space.


Please coordinate furniture donations with Steve Anderson, our donations coordinator, at (218)236-0372.


We greatly appreciate your continued generosity and support.